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Sometimes I wish I wrote more during my time in Australia and after that.

I have a horrible memory – pretty sure we all know this. Maybe not horrible as much as selective. It takes a lot of effort to remember things.

One thing hit me on the recent trip up to Cowichan lake to take care of the market.

I remember a bus - and a blown out tire, and poking my head through the escape hatch to make a distress call. I'm sure at the time it wasn't the greatest thing in the world, but it sure is a great memory now – of an entirely different life. It really made me miss that life.

That hatch was pretty dope. So was the bus, actually.

It was a good memory - and oddly enough, that's the majority of what I have left. And it's nice.

Hey - I just said above I was selective. It just happens to be the good ones.

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