#badposture g/c


Well, the world makes some fun twists. I'm watching solid friend worlds' crumble, and relationships soar. It's a fun time for all things.

And me? I fall deeper into love every day. It's ok, I guess. Actually, it's very ok. I just listened to a track from when we were in thailand on scooters in the middle of honestly-try-not-to-get-fucked-up thailand.

I remember the meal well. Best. Pancakes. Bytheocean. Ever.

Huge lifetimes, in small timelines. I honestly hope that's what goes on my tombstone. It's suiting.

Rambles and "ambigs" aside – I'm on my holiday. Usually slated for Burning Man. We had tickets for this year again, but sold them off. I suppose it was a good choice - but all this fucking adulting could stop at any point. I've been spending WAY too much time working. Like - only a handful of trips this summer, the rest 7am-12pm designing/coding/running. Ok, one of them was a kayak trip, where we caught and cooked prawn and dungeness crab. That was a basically a full summer in a weekend.

But it's there. The tip of something awesome (and no, not mine - my tip is fan-fucking-tastic). The tip of seed money for a new communications company. The tip of WC going international. The tip of - well ... lots of good stuff.

And I fucking garden now. And hold kabob bbqs (with trampolines and slip and slides, to be fair). And build decks. And build goddam furniture.

I miss race cars. Then again, the offroading in the Element is awesome. So - steert racing isn't a priority anymore, I suppose.

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